"When our small group moved to Zoom format during the pandemic, we were looking for a convenient and inspirational online resource that our small group could listen to ahead of time and then discuss later on through a Zoom video chat. I’m so happy we came across Dana Chau’s Growing in God’s Grace online course. I feel like it’s organized very well and has led to several fruitful discussion sessions amongst our small group. I feel like no matter what life stage we’re in, there’s always something from the Bible passage that Pastor Dana highlights in each study that is relevant to each of us. I hope others can also find out about this resource so they can be encouraged and blessed as well."
- C.C.

"The lessons overall challenged me to take a deep look within myself and assess how much of Christ I actually knew and how willing I was to give up my old self to continue growing in Him."
- L.K.

"These courses have helped me build a better foundation of basic principles of Christianity that I thought I knew. It does a great job of breaking down difficult theological concepts and helping with application of them."
- E.Z.

"Each course in Growing in God’s Grace points us back to Christ and how it’s essential to understand where we stand with him. I was able to learn/re-learn topics which I understood before at a different life stage, but able to take new perspectives of each topic of the course."
- H.I.

"This site and message series have been extremely insightful. The format of these courses are topical and provides insights on matters on growing with the Lord and inter-relationships with others that I didn't reflect on before."
- J.M.